Benefits of Scanning:

James River Systems is a dedicated provider of Pre-Owned, Refurbishedand New production scanners within the US and Internationally. JRS Sells, Buys-back and Rents a wide range of quality production scanners.

If you are looking for mid to high volume, new or refurbished, we can provide quality scanners such as: Kodak i780, Kodak i620, Fujitsu fi-6670, Fujitsu fi-6670A, Bell & Howell XF 8000 series, Canon 9080C's, Panasonic, Sunrise, Mekel, Wicks & Wilson, Minolta and more.


               SCANNER SPECIALS

Kodak i780 - Refurbished in perfect working order and cosmetic condition with 1.2 million scans PRICE - $6,000

Fujitsu Fi-6670 & Fi-6670A Scanners
$1,800 - $2,000
New rollers, 30-day warranty and low scans


James River is a major player in the pre-owned production scanner industry, and with many clients across all major business sectors, we can demonstrate a commitment to quality and service. With document and film/fiche scanning alliances in the US, James River Systems is able to provide outsourced services regardless of your location; National or International.


Call for pricing on our Canon DR-7090C scanner, Canon DR-7580 scanner, Canon 9080C scanner,  Kodak i4200 scanner, Kodak i610, Kodak i620, Kodak i820, Bell & Howell XF 8000 series, Bell & Howell 8140 scanner, Bell & Howell 8090 scanner, Fujitsu 6670A scanners and other Document Production Scanners - (757) 268-1001