1.2 million scans in perfect working and cosmetic condition

Kodak had a long history in the micrographics (microfilm/microfiche) market and a very high reputation in document scanning. Kodak was well renowned for its strong Perfect Page scanning firmware, a competitor for the VRS software favored by other manufacturers.

NEW Kodak Scanners are available upon request. 


Kodak i4600 Plus - 120 ppm
Kodak i820 - 120 ppm
Kodak i810 - 120 ppm
Kodak i660 - 120 ppm
Kodak i780 - 130 ppm
Kodak i5200 - 140 ppm
Kodak i1840 - 160 ppm
Kodak i5600 - 170 ppm
Kodak i1860 - 200ppm

Kodak i5800 - 210 ppm

Ngenuity Scanners
Kodak 9090DB -
90 ppm
Kodak 9090DC - 90 ppm
Kodak 9125 - 125 ppm
Kodak 9150 - 150 ppm


Kodak i1420 - 60 ppm
Kodak i1440 - 75 ppm
Kodak i640 - 100 ppm
Kodak i620 - 80 ppm
Kodak i610 - 80 ppm


Kodak i280 - 80 ppm
Kodak i260 - 38 ppm


Kodak 9620 Archive Writer
Kodak 4800 Archive Writer

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Fujitsu scanners deliver speed, image quality, paper handling, as well as true ease of integration and compatibility with more than 200 imaging applications. Fujitsu’s scanners offer standard features such as built-in automatic document feeders for rapid, unattended scanning of multiple documents, and flatbeds for books, bound reports, or fragile originals.

Fujitsu offers an add-on board called IPC (Image Process Controls) with many of its M-series and fi-series scanners too. The board is standard equipment on some of these models, on others it must be purchased separately. The board enhances images during production without stopping the scanning process. It has a number of features that can help improve scan quality.


Fujitsu Fi-5750C - 55 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-6140Z - 60 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-6140 - 60 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-4860 - 63 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-6670 - 70 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-6770 - 70 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-6670A - 90 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-6670 - 90 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-5900C- 120 ppm
Fujitsu Fi-6800 - 130 ppm


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Bell & Howell XF 8000 Series Scanners

Bell & Howell Spectrum XF series comes in three speed versions, 8090, 8120 and 8140, scanning 75, 100 and 115 documents per minute respectively in 200 dpi A4 portrait, bitonal or color, simplex or duplex.

Spectrum XF has VRS (Virtual ReScan) image enhancement technology built in for maximum performance. This guarantees optimum image quality and minimize output file sizes even if the information to be captured on the original documents is poor, i.e. varies in print quality or interfere with the background.

Furthermore, Spectrum XF has Auto Color Detect built in, i.e. the operator no longer has to pre-sort documents to be scanned in color or bitonal. To reduce the output image file size for documents that are essentially containing bitonal information, the Auto Color Detect function determines if a document is output in bitonal or color. The operator only needs to define how sensitive VRS has to be to detect color in a document. This function increases the production throughput considerably when color and bitonal documents are mixed.


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No matter which model you choose from Canon’s range of scanners, innovation and value come standard. High-speed precision feeding technology, compact design, high-speed color capability and even flexible configuration options are what you can expect from Canon’s DR-Series Scanners. Canon worked very closely with Kofax to make sure that the software version of VRS works well on their Scanners. Canons contention is that VRS is as effective on a PC as it is on a scanner-based board.


Canon DR-7090C - 70 ppm    *AVAILABLE NEW
Canon DR-7580 - 75 ppm
Canon DR-9080C - 90 ppm
Canon DR-7550C- 90 ppm     *AVAILABLE NEW    
Canon DR-X10C - 130 ppm   *AVAILABLE NEW

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Panasonic’s High Volume scanners are designed for business forms and documents, such as insurance claims, loan applications, and invoices. These scanners turn a mountain of work into a manageable, digital document filing system.

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