International Customers FAQ

Q. What are the payment terms?
  A. By secure and trusted Escrow Account
Q. How does it work?
  A. Please click here –
Q. What is the equipment warranty?

A. All of our scanners, unless negotiated, are warranted for 30 days to be eligible for maintenance by either the manufacturer or an Authorized Service Provider. At that time, the scanner will be covered under your maintenance contract.

Please note that all scanners must be placed under contract upon installation and that usage variance between the readings at shipment and installation could void our warranty.

The 30 days coverage period commences upon arrival of the scanner in the destination country.

Q. What if there is a problem at installation?
A. This is where our warranty commences and despite all the care and attention given to every scanner there is the occasional problem. Simply, the installation Technician will provide an estimate fore repair which will be forwarded to us (James River Systems) for immediate approval.
Q. Who pays for the repair?
  A. We (James River Systems) do. Your maintenance provider will probably bill the end-user and with a letter of authority from us (James River Systems), this amount will be deducted from the Escrow Account and returned to our customer.
Q. What is the quality of your pre-owned scanners?
A. By our unique method of operation, we stand behind all of our pre-owned scanners and say that they are of the highest quality possible.

James River Systems Guarantees that all scanners are service contract ready and cosmetically acceptable.