In an age of increasing employee business travel, scanning provides immediate global, multi-user access to documents empowering mobile workers with information when and where they need itwithout investing in expensive networking solutions.

James River Systems’ document imaging solution gives your staff the freedom to utilize all of the national or international offices to process time-sensitive documents. Imagine storing 10 file cabinets worth of paper documents from your desk drawer, and being able to retrieve any document electronically within 30 seconds.

Web-based capture software helps to ease the paper burden on organizations that have one main corporate office. All national or international offices can have business documents sent directly to them for processing, and allowing you to send those documents over the Internet in an electronic form back to the corporate office for storage in an imaging system for future retrieval.

The increased speed and connection between your employees gives them the ability to provide proactive customer service wherever their location. The possibilities are infinite.

Document storage and retrieval will improve the image of your business by placing your company ahead of your industry competition!

We provide all of the scanners to make all of this possible.