Rentals with Option to Purchase

James River Systems Introduces Rentals with Option to Purchase for Kodak, Bell & Howell, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mekel, Sunrise, Wicks & Wilson and Minolta Book Scanners. On average, our scanners rent for 1/20 of the Manufacturer’s list price for each month of rental.

Many clients have expressed an interest in our  ANY-TERM SCANNER RENTAL PROGRAM. This unique and beneficial offer will help those who have a combination of factors.

  • Do you have a short-term scanning project or are uncertain of duration?
  • Do you have a budget restriction?
  • Do accounting requirements justify rental over purchase?

Renting a scanner from James River Systems is not just playing it safe; it’s playing it smart with our Option to Purchase.

While the minimum rental is 3 months there are no other limits other than we only charge for complete months and a 30 day notice of Rental Termination is required.

All of our Rental Scanners can be purchased at any time for the price prevailing at the initiation of the rental and up to 25% of rentals paid can be offset against the purchase.

All James River Systems Rentals will arrive with full Consumable Kits. Additional kits are available from James River Systems or from your regular supplier.

Rental rates are based on monthly periods and usage is based on the Manufacturers published Daily Usage Thru put (DUT). Usage over DUT is charged based on the formula of 1% of the monthly rental rate for every 1% of over usage, calculated at the end of the Rental Agreement.