Now you can benefit from the peace of mind gained from knowing that your most critical business documents are not at risk. Destroyed or lost paperwork can set a business into downtime for a longer period of time than a downed network server. Electronically securing your valuable data is crucial.

It may not happen today but paper files are always at risk when disaster strikes. Floods, fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, broken pipes and electrical shorts can quickly and efficiently destroy or damage your vital records that are maintained in paper format. Organizations that have implemented our document imaging system to manage their documents electronically are enjoying a sense of absolute security and feel confident that they can easily and readily access those documents in response to requests.

In cases of Disaster Recovery, it is imperative for a smooth recovery that your data is kept at an off-site location, the only logical way to do this, is to convert that valuable data to a digital format. Once in that format, it is as simple as burning it to media (CD, DVD, DLT) and securing it at one or several locales.

So ask yourself, how valuable is it to have digital images, for disaster recovery?
The answer: Invaluable!

Document storage and retrieval will improve the image of your business by placing your company ahead of your industry competition!

We provide the scanners to make all of this possible.