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With our proven track record, you know that with James River Systems you can always buy with confidence. James River Systems have been providing innovative scanner solutions to hundreds of customers. From small business to large multi-national companies, in education, healthcare, finance or government, James River Systems has been depended upon to provide the solutions to allow businesses and organizations to increase efficiency in employee productivity, time, and even profits.

Our approach is personal and simple, Same Quality, Better Prices and this is why James River Systems have become a market leader with a reputation second to none.


We've successfully used James River Systems to acquire high-volume Kodak scanners. They respond quickly, stand behind their claims and deliver on time. Ally Palmer is a professional with whom it's a pleasure to work.

I was referred to your company by one of our ISD Managers who knew that I had a number of
Kodak Scanners in the Records Management Department. Over the past two years I have been replacing the Kodak 3500 Scanners with Kodak 3520 Scanners which have a few more bells and whistles that I wanted.

I contacted you and told you that I was interested in purchasing a used Kodak 3520 Scanner if the price was right. In less than two weeks from our conversation you contacted me that you had found one that had a very low page count. In fact, out of the 3520's that I have previously bought, all had a much higher page count. When I had the scanner installed and checked out our maintenance vendor said it was like new.

In our business, when someone finds a company that not only has great prices but great service as well, we like to share that information. Rest assured that I have and will continue to recommend the James River Systems to anyone having Scanner needs.

James River Systems has been an excellent source of quality pre-owned scanning equipment as well providing a market for some of our surplus equipment. They are very easy to work with.